Far-out Friday: What’s your state worst at?

Far-out Friday: What’s your state worst at? | Insurance Business America

Far-out Friday: What’s your state worst at?
With the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri can lay claim to the nation’s tallest monument. Hawaii boasts the world’s most active volcano. But what about the things state tourism boards aren’t so quick to brag about? In other words, what’s your state worst at.
Well, humor site Pleated Jeans has compiled a list. The website’s “United States of Shame” map can tell you at a glance the bottom of which barrel your state occupies. Missouri, for instance, has the highest bankruptcy rate in the country, while Hawaii – unsurprisingly – has the highest cost of living.
Other state anti-superlatives include:
  • California: Most air pollution
  • Kansas: Poorest health
  • Massachusetts: Worst drivers
  • Arkansas: Worst credit scores
  • Oklahoma: Most female criminals
  • New Hampshire: Highest corporate taxes
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