The trick to making your job ads go viral

Looking for a new agent, adjuster or office worker? Using these tips and tricks makes application numbers boom.



Ever wondered exactly why it is that some job advertisements get so many enquiries and applications, while others generate a far more limited response?

According to a recent Mashable article by Jason Webster, from social media recruitment company Ongig, one reason is because many recruiters have not yet fully adapted to the array of online job search venues now available.

“Recent research shows that while job candidates today use an average of five – mostly online – resources in their job searches, recruiters only use one or two to share a job,” he wrote. “So, not only are jobs too cumbersome to apply for, but they aren’t being seen by the appropriate candidates.”

One remedy is to make your job description viral, Webster suggested. “A viral job has similar qualities to the other content (videos, websites, and photos) that you regularly share with your own social network. It’s socially connectable, visually appealing and transparent.”

He offered the following five tips to help HR pros and recruiters make a job advertisement go viral:

1. Be transparent about your hiring team:

Top candidates are most interested in three things – who they will work for, who they will work with, and what the work environment is like. If you are trying to communicate this through a brief, written job description, well good luck. So make use of a good attention-grabber: Put the name and contact details of the hiring manager or member of the hiring team up front, within the job description. This means that you avoid making job prospects feel like they are sending their applications into a black hole – and will make the job description more appealing.

2. Integrate pictures and video:

Studies show that employers who use recruiting videos receive a much greater application rate. The average job seeker spends less than 30 seconds reviewing a posting, but sites with compelling, content-rich job descriptions can reach upwards of four minutes on a posting – and the pictures and video used can make the difference. So here are some easy ideas for video and pictures to consider:
    Show team members.
    Show the office space, inside and outside.
    Show events you attended or hosted (including company parties).
    Have a little fun and go unscripted.

3. Enable social connectability to your team:

A-player candidates often say a job “hooked” them primarily because they knew someone who worked at the employer. Enable candidates to easily see how they’re connected to you and your team through social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.

4. Give your employees a good reason to share the job:

If there’s a “share” link that allows postings to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, your job ad is already more likely to be shared. This will not only increase referral rates, but will create a better job applicant pool. However, it is also a good idea to arm your employees with attractive content, based around people and emotion. Ensure your content is authentic and tells the story of the job opportunity through the best tools available. Also, remember that your employees are your best social recruiters, so get them involved in the process early and often. They will feel ownership in the process and share more frequently.

5. Real-time interactivity:

Enable the comment board on job advertisements to allow candidates to “follow” jobs (anonymously if they choose), ask questions online, and receive updates about the application process. Allowing real-time interactivity will bring the job to life and allow candidates to evaluate the opportunity over time. Applicants will feel more connected if they are provided with job status updates straight from the hiring manager or the recruiting team. Also, close the loop when the position is filled by placing an advisory comment – which means that everyone interested is notified, and spared the application “black hole”.

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