Agents: Obamacare deadline extension WAS needed

IBA readers let us know that not everyone was dismayed at the administration’s decision to extend the March 31 deadline.

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The Obama administration’s decision to extend its health enrollment deadline for Americans who had started, but failed to complete, the application process by Monday, March 31, provoked no little comment from Insurance Business readers this week.

Although the deadline extension was met with derision by some agents interviewed by IBA, several readers had a different view of the matter. B. Ronnell Nolan commented:

Those Agents working and assisting people with the new marketplace, understand more time is needed. The system continues to shut down, all day, everyday. However, Agents are unsure that will have the tools in place to be able to assist people with an extension past March 31.

Furthermore, Douglas Amenda decried NAHU spokesman Neil Crosby’s statement that was “successfully enrolling many people for months.” He said:

Is NAHU unaware of the technical problems with the website on March 14th and 15th? Will those issues magically disappear for the March 31st deadline?

Amenda added that many agents are keen to “help as many people as possible” in the extended special enrollment period.

Reader Brandy, however, was unamused by the deadline extension, stating that the Obama administration continues to delay the deadline because “they need the votes.” Brandy added:

Do you really think this helps the industry by the goverment getting involved and creating this this AFCA . Plan B Insurance Company Bail out and less commissions for all!

Whichever side of the fence you are on, it appears agents have an additional 15 days to sign up customers for coverage and gain a little extra commission cash before the enrollment period closes.

Thanks to all our readers who commented this week.

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