Five ways to help your small group clients get the most from health insurance plans

It's critical to help clients make the most of the plans they have

Five ways to help your small group clients get the most from health insurance plans

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By Cigna + Oscar

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As a small group insurance broker, you are probably more aware than the average person that coverage can be costly, especially depending on the plans your clients purchase. According to a 2021 Kaiser Family Foundation report, the average annual premium was $7,739 for an individual and $22,221 for a family plan. Employers helped cover 83% of the costs for a single person and 63% of a family plan.

That’s why it’s critical to help your clients make the most of the plans they have—and help their employees stay engaged.

Here are five key ways you can help your book of business maximize their health insurance coverage, so their employees use the plan often, become healthier, and help lower overall business costs.

#1—Emphasize the health plan’s customer support programs and tools

Some health plans offer dedicated customer support, online tools, and even concierge-like services that can help employees understand and use their plan. For example, Cigna + Oscar is unique in that it offers Care Guides, a team of professionals who help members find doctors, and answer their questions about specific benefits and claims. Care Guides can also help coordinate care and prepare members for their upcoming procedures.

The more employees understand how their plan works, the more likely they are to use in-network providers, purchase generic medications, and rely on other cost-saving methods. In turn, this can help the business lower their overall costs too. As a broker, having your clients leverage the existing tools can also free you up to focus on the more complicated issues you face day-to-day.

#2—Encourage your clients’ employees to manage their plan digitally

Many insurance plans have mobile apps, which are great resources when it comes to accessing telemedicine services and prescription refill requests, as well as searching for doctors and providers that are in-network. And, your small business clients may even be able to pay their premiums online. Encourage them to make the most of these convenient, digital services. After all, this is a service business. If employees feel their health plans are easy to use, their employee satisfaction may increase. Carriers often incentivize member retention; keeping your customers satisfied is not just a great motivator - it can help you financially as well.

As you’re reviewing which health plans to offer your small group clients, prioritize ones that offer digital services. You should be prepared to answer:

  • What telemedicine services are available to my employees, if any?
  • Is virtual urgent care available?
  • What are the costs and benefits of choosing virtual care?
  • Can employees request prescription refills online?
  • What other digital services are available with this health plan?

The bottom line: Today’s employees want to manage their healthcare at the click of a button. A convenient and easy-to-use mobile app and website can help them do that.

#3—Communicate to employees about mental healthcare offerings

It’s no secret that the past few years have taken a major toll on the mental health and well-being of Americans. In fact, more than one in four Americans (27%) reported feeling anxious or depressed in the last two weeks, according to a recent Household Pulse Survey conducted by the US Census Bureau.

Make sure your clients are aware and make use of their plans’ mental healthcare services, which may be available via telehealth or in-person, depending on your business’s health plan. Try to remove the stigma of counseling and encourage employees to get the support they need.

#4—Present a variety of health plan offerings to your clients that meet their needs

Nearly 75% of small business owners in Goldman Sachs’ small business coaching program report that today’s higher costs hurt their business financially. That’s why most small business owners are looking for ways to lower their costs and get the most out of their healthcare plans.

One way to do so is to get creative about what type of plans you present to your business owners. In addition to highlighting plans that offer a tax-beneficial health savings account (HSA), you can even talk to your clients about contributing to their employees’ HSAs or flexible spending accounts (FSAs) as an incentive for choosing a higher deductible plan.

#5—Highlight preventive healthcare offerings

When you encourage your clients to be proactive about their health, you can help them lower their cost of care and boost workplace productivity, which can even increase employee retention.

Consider emphasizing regular preventive health screenings and checkups and incentives for step tracking. Plus, it’s important to make sure your employees understand:

  • What is and isn’t covered when traveling.
  • How to find nearby in-network providers.
  • The value of choosing generic over brand-name medicines.
  • How to order a 90-day supply of prescriptions.

These are all ways you can encourage your clients and their employees to make the most of their health plan, save money on their cost of care, and in turn, help their business save as well.

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Cigna + Oscar coverage is insured by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company. CA: benefits administered by Oscar Health Administrators. Other states: benefits administered by Oscar Management Corporation. Pharmacy benefits provided by Express Scripts, Inc. Cigna + Oscar health insurance contains exclusions and limitations. For complete details on product availability and coverage, please refer to your plan documents or contact a representative.

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