Sun Life reveals what's helping achieve better health

Both initiatives offer personalized report for a quicker return to work

Sun Life reveals what's helping achieve better health

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By Kenneth Araullo

Reports from a life insurer reveal that members who use clinical intervention programs have experienced improved health outcomes.

Sun Life US has unveiled outcomes from two clinical intervention programs in partnership with AbleTo and Goodpath, aimed at members receiving disability or critical illness benefits, launched in 2022 and 2023.

AbleTo’s program targets members diagnosed with cancer, offering virtual behavioral health services to tackle conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

Goodpath’s approach, meanwhile, focuses on holistic virtual care for individuals with musculoskeletal disorders or those experiencing prolonged COVID-19 symptoms.

Both programs are designed to offer personalized support, aiming to expedite the recovery process and facilitate a quicker return to work and everyday activities.

Preliminary results indicate that participants in AbleTo’s program reported significant improvements in mental health, while Goodpath users experienced notable reductions in pain and enhancements in both physical and mental well-being.

Sheila Sokolski, assistant vice president of group benefits product and marketing at Sun Life US, emphasized the dual benefits of these partnerships, highlighting not only the health improvements for members but also the potential for employers to maintain a healthier, more productive workforce.

“With these partnerships, we are able to drive improved outcomes for our members, help them further address their health needs and, if possible, help them return to better health and work,” Sokolski said.

Sokolski also noted the advantages for employer clients in retaining valuable staff members and fostering enhanced workplace health and productivity.

Elsewhere for the life insurer, Sun Life US also recently expanded its insurance offerings to include family leave insurance (FLI) in the South as it broadens paid leave access for workers.

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