25 most dangerous dog breeds

A State Farm Insurance survey on dog bite claims in 2013 sparked some agent questions. IBA set out to answer them.



A State Farm Insurance survey on the top 15 states for dog bite claims got Insurance Business readers asking some good follow-up questions. While State Farm was not immediately available for comment, we dredged up some additional information to answer LJ Hurr’s question:

What are the top breeds reported in those bite claims

While most dog bites and other incidents stem from improper training and harsh ownership, List25 compiled the following report of the most dangerous dogs by their potential to cause harm:

1. Caucasian Ovcharka
2. Pitbull
3. German Shepherd
4. Rottweiler
5. Alaskan Malamutes
6. Huskies
7. Doberman Pinschers
8. Chow Chow
9. Wolf Hybrid
10. Boxer
11. Akita Inu
12. Perro de Presa Canario
13. Fila Brasileiro
14. Great Dane
15. American Bulldog
16. Saint Bernard
17. Basenji
18. Gull Dong
19. Boer Boel
20. Dogo Argentino
21. Rhodesian Ridgeback
22. Bull Terrier
23. Cane Corso
24. American Bandogge
25. Tosa Inu

Thanks to LJ Hurr, and all our commenters this week!


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