Vertafore aims to unite carriers and agencies with new initiative

Vertafore aims to unite carriers and agencies with new initiative | Insurance Business

Vertafore aims to unite carriers and agencies with new initiative
If you listen to national insurance software service provider Vertafore, the status quo of industry software is to serve either the carrier or the independent agency. And that status quo just isn’t doing the job.

To improve the virtual relationship between carriers and their appointed agents, Vertafore is launching a multi-faceted initiative that includes inviting carriers to its annual user conference, NetVU, as well as offering new product capabilities throughout its carrier solutions portfolio.

“There are so many exciting new technological capabilities, but to make those a possibility, there’s a lot of work that has to go on behind the scenes,” Vertafore Vice President of Industry Relations Bruce Winterburn explained to Insurance Business. “The goal is for us to bring everyone together to start solving some of these issues—like the presence of multiple agency passwords. We’re giving everyone a venue for these types of conversations.”

As part of the initiative, Vertafore has introduced the following new technological capabilities:

•  Sign-On Once Solutions: As a member of the ID Federation, Vertafore hopes to help carriers and agencies increase security and solve the industry's challenges with password management.
   •  Real-Time Connectivity: New features that make it easier to do business by providing seamless connectivity between agencies and carriers using innovation in TransactNOW and PL Rating
   •  Advanced Analytics: Personal Lines Rating data empowers carriers with competitive insight to baseline and adjust business decisions and quotes.
   •  Operational Efficiency: Enhancements to improve insurance-specific process management and workflows that help carriers service their customers efficiently and effectively, on-site or remotely, 24/7/365 using Vertafore's ImageRight solution.
   •  Automated client servicing and new business acquisition: providing streamlined automation for direct download of policy data &, endorsements, and the expedient delivery of bookrolled accounts.

Vertafore is also hoping to facilitate carrier-agent communications at its annual NetVU conference, where it expects 3,000 to 3,500 attendees and up to 5,000 participants through streaming capabilities this year.

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