8 Insurance Website Design Trends to Watch in 2016

Earlier this week we talked about the SEO trends to watch out for this year. Now, it’s time to move on to another big agency marketing tactic: your insurance website.

by ITC

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Earlier this week we talked about the SEO trends to watch out for this year. Now, it’s time to move on to another big agency marketing tactic: your insurance website. The beginning of the New Year is the time we usually reevaluate and adjust our goals. You should do the same with your insurance agency website

Whether or not you’re considering an overhaul this year, you should know what’s going on with insurance website design. Here are eight design trends you need to watch in 2016.


  1. Vibrant Color Schemes 

    Bright colors are the best way to make your insurance agency website stand out amongst the crowd. Using bright colors on top of a white background will really make the colors of your logo and branding shine. A vibrant color scheme will pop and appeal to your online visitors.


  1. Dramatic Typography 

    We all know about staple fonts like Arial and Times New Roman. In 2016, try replacing these popular fonts with more unique fonts. This will help add more flair to your insurance website like the example below. Google Fonts is a great way to find new font choices.


  1. Responsive Design​
Yep. Responsive design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, a growing number of insurance websites are using responsive design to better handle for mobile traffic. Are you seeing an increase in traffic from smartphones or tablets? It’s time to consider upgrading to a responsive design. 


  1. Centered Content 
Many of the newer designs, like the one below, requires the website to take up 100 percent of the screen. With these designs, left-aligned text can be quite jarring. This year expect to see more website content placed in the center of the screen. Centered content makes it is easier to see on all screen sizes.


  1. Long Scroll

    Gone are the days of websites that don’t require you to scroll. Online users aren’t afraid to scroll anymore to see what’s there. You still want your most important information to stay above the fold. But, feel free to add extra sections to your home page. Just make sure the added information or features are still helpful to your visitors.


  1. Hover Animations 

    We went gaga over mobile websites last year, but we can’t forget about the desktop versions. Although hover animations don’t work well on mobile devices, they do on desktops. Your insurance website can let your desktop visitors know they are hovering over interactive items. Small adjustments, such as icons bouncing up or changing colors, adds a nice touch to your insurance website design.


  1. Material Design 

    2015 was the year of flat design. Flat design required us to stay away from gradients and stick to solid, flat colors. 2016 will be the year of material design. Material design is minimalistic like flat design. But, it has small, subtle touches that add depth, like shadows. These touches help guide your visitor’s eyes to your calls to action.


  1. Hamburger Menu 

    Again, more focused on mobile, the traditional drop down menu is going away. The new hamburger menu is the little menu box in the corner of the screen. 


When tapped, the menu items will display. Hamburger menus are compact so they work great on both mobile and desktop websites.
As we embrace 2016, now is the perfect time to make some small changes to your insurance website or maybe start anew. Either way, use this list, and you’ll be ahead of the curve. 

What insurance website design do you think will be big this year? Let me know in the comments section below.

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