One Farmers agent has a cunning (and cheap) marketing plan – and it’s going viral

A simple marketing tactic is bringing all kinds of attention to this Minnesota agent

One Farmers agent has a cunning (and cheap) marketing plan – and it’s going viral


By Ryan Smith

A Minnesota insurance salesman has hit on a novel way to attract new clients – paying off their parking meters. And his method is going viral.

Andrew Cooney, a private contractor for Farmers Insurance from Rochester, Minn., said he’d paid off about 40 people’s parking meters so far, according to a report in the Shropshire Star. Each time he pays off a meter, he leaves behind a flyer reading, “I paid your parking meter for you… imagine what else I’m willing to do to protect your car.”

A picture of the flyer has been making the rounds on social media sites. And Cooney told IBA that the method has borne fruit.

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“It’s been extremely successful in giving me the exposure I need to build a solid client base,” he said. “I’m a new agent, so this is actually the first out-of-the-box method I’ve done. I’m a veteran, so I’ve had some good success talking with the local military recruiters, as it’s a tight community and we like to support each other.”

Cooney said that he’s only been selling insurance for about a month.

“It just sort of presented itself as an opportunity after I finished my BA degree, and I decided to give it a try,” he said.

He’s been getting rave reviews on Facebook for his guerrilla marketing tactic.

“Brilliant. Takes care of little things like parking meters and I can only imagine what he can do with the stuff you really care about,” one user wrote on Cooney’s Facebook page. “If I lived in his state he would be the agent for me.”

“Just genius,” another wrote. “Run don’t walk to get your insurance from this man!”

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