Integrity acquires top life insurance brokerage

Integrity acquires top life insurance brokerage | Insurance Business America

Integrity acquires top life insurance brokerage

Integrity Marketing Group has announced that it has agreed to acquire HGI, one of the nation’s most prominent life insurance brokerages. As part of the acquisition, Hubert Humphrey, founder and CEO of HGI, will become a managing partner in Integrity.

HGI is the third large company founded by Humphrey, who has been an industry leader for more than 40 years. Humphrey began his career at A.L. Williams, where he helped propel the company to become the nation’s leading life insurance distributor.

Humphrey and his wife, Norma, then founded World Marketing Alliance, a company boasting a sales force of more than 430,000, which became the top market for variable universal life and annuities. The couple then founded World Leadership Group, which became one of the nation’s fastest-growing mortgage and real estate firms.

In 2014, Humphrey founded HGI, which continues to grow at a record-breaking pace. HGI’s team has expanded to include nearly 10,000 licensed agents across the US and Canada. With its growth in 2022, HGI advisors will secure more than $100 million in annual life insurance premium and more than $200 million in annual annuity premium. Over the last three years, HGI advisors have secured more than $25 billion in face amount for the clients they serve.

“The name Hubert Humphrey is synonymous with success,” said Bryan W. Adams, co-founder and CEO of Integrity. “That an icon of this caliber would choose to align the future of his company with Integrity further emphasizes the significance of our mission. Hubert understands how to build a business – but even more importantly, he shares Integrity’s passion for transforming people into leaders, as evidenced by the strong team at HGI.

“Their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to helping Americans from all walks of life secure financial freedom and peace of mind will be incredible assets to Integrity’s partner network. The opportunity for the Integrity team to learn from a mentor like Hubert, who has helped shape the industry as we know it today, is unmatched. With Hubert and HGI at our side, Integrity will continue innovating the industry from top to bottom.”

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“The test of true leadership is if you are building something that truly lasts,” Humphrey said. “With Integrity’s best-in-class resources and deep industry relationships, HGI will continue to grow and prosper for many years to come. As a leader in the inspirational marketing business, HGI strives to motivate entrepreneurs to take control of their future and help more Americans find the financial security they need.

“Though we have a proven track record of success several times over, I am always looking to the future and seeking ways to accelerate our progress. We still have so much to accomplish, which can only be achieved by combining our capabilities and expertise with Integrity’s world-class technology, systems and resources. I consider this partnership to be the capstone of my career, and I’m grateful to share this achievement with Integrity.”