Entertainment insurer launches new quoting platform

A top carrier has unveiled a new agent website for quoting and purchasing insurance in the outfitters and guides sector.

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A surge in requests for insurance policies for outfitters and guides (O&G) operations has led top entertainment insurer K&K Insurance Group to launch a new website for producers to quote and sell policies.

The website, www.outfittersguides-kk.com, gives agents the ability to purchase insurance for O&G operations ranging from Class III rivers to guided sea kayaking and fishing.

K&K sales manager Lorena Hatfield said the move to the new website reflects independent agents’ desire to “purchase coverage immediately,” which translates well to the growing O&G operations arena.

The inherent risks associated with O&G are unique to each operation, with demand increasing “nearly across the board,” according to K&K underwriter Travis Walker.

“We are seeing an increased demand for all types of outfitter and guide-type businesses, from more low key activities such as hiking and floating down a river to more intense activities such as rock climbing and whitewater rafting,” she said. “Hiking, hunting, stand-up paddleboarding and whitewater rafting all seem to be very popular right now.”

To quote and purchase coverage, clients must have been in the business for at least a year, or have three years of equivalent experience. Total gross receipts for the business must also be less than $750,000, and retail cannot exceed 80% of total receipts.

Minimum premium is $1,000 for the coverage, which includes retail sales, food and beverage service, athletic courts, participation in demonstration days, trade shows and events, equipment rental, motorized watercraft for camping and even office exposures. Inland marine coverage is also available separately.

The coverage limit options include: $1 million aggregate/$1 million per occurrence; $2 million aggregate/$2 million per occurrence; or $3 million aggregate/$3 million per occurrence.

Covered operations include hunting, fishing, kayaking, paddling schools, hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and surfing operations, among others.

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