More nonprofits are taking advantage of social media

Agents, what does this mean for you?

More nonprofits are taking advantage of social media

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Non-profit organizations operate on tight budgets so they search for ways to generate as much publicity and excitement about their mission at as low a cost as possible. As such, many turn to social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to communicate with their supporters and encourage them to share their cause in order to expand their community.

A survey of nonprofits by VerticalResponse, a do it yourself marketing platform for small businesses, found that more than three out of five nonprofit organizations devoted more time to social media marketing than they did a year ago. Some spent six or more hours a week on social media.

Compared to other small businesses surveyed, nonprofits were even more likely to be present on social media channels, and also had a greater frequency of posting. 80% of nonprofits on Facebook reported posting on the site multiple times per week, vs. 66% of small businesses.

Twitter also gets significant attention from nonprofits. The site was used by nearly 75% of nonprofits. The reason they post on Twitter throughout the day is to keep constituents up to date on events and happenings within their organization.

Looking at the nonprofit marketing budget overall, increased investment is largely going towards social media. What does that mean for the independent agent looking to insure nonprofits? Make sure your firm is involved in social media too. Friend/link/post your way into your prospect’s organization - it’s a great way to show support for their mission.

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