National carrier donates $10m to children’s hospital

Not all insurance stories are downers. This national carrier just gave $10m to fund pediatric research and clinical programs.

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Nationwide Insurance Foundation, the philanthropic organization funded by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates, has announced that it is donating $10 million to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

This gift will establish the Nationwide Pediatric Innovation Fund, which is set to provide funding to pediatric research and clinical programs that benefit children.

“As you may know, in pediatric medicine, research work and clinical work are closely tied.  As research discoveries are made, they benefit kids immediately,” said Nationwide Insurance Foundation president Chad Jester. 

Although the money will be used to develop long-term medical programs and recruitment, Jester notes that the foundation expects to take action with it this year.

“$10 million is expected to be put to use in 2014, so this is not a multiple year gift.  This is a $10 million dollar investment taking place this year,” Jester said.  “Our foundation board of trustees will look at similar amounts of investments going forward on an annual basis as well.”

The foundation shares a long relationship with the hospital, having pledged nearly $70 million in gifts and investment since 2006.  That money has contributed to such initiatives as gene therapy to treat diseases, premature baby care, and child injury prevention.

“The hospital serves over 1 million patients a year,” Jester said.  He notes that they come from every state and 30 different countries “because of the level of care and expertise the hospital has.”

Jester points out that the foundation partners with a number of major sporting events in Ohio to raise money for the hospital as well.

“The other piece of this is that since 2006, our sports marketing efforts have also benefitted Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Over the recent years, this includes the Columbus Marathon, the Memorial Tournament (Jack Nicklaus’ annual golf tournament that takes place in Columbus) and NASCAR 200 events.”

The foundation also works extensively with Feeding America, United Way, and the American Red Cross, and in the past two decades, has donated more than $345 million to non-profit organizations.

Jester explains that this altruistic mindset permeates throughout the Nationwide brand, as the company continues to emphasize the importance of charity work with its employees.

“There’s a great pride that’s developed with employees all around the country in the philanthropies that we do.  We encourage employees to be engaged in their communities, and we reward for things like blood donation – they can earn vacation time for donating blood - and volunteerism,” said Jester.

"That aligns with who we are as an organization – we like to be in relationships with community partners with the long-term in mind.  Our hope is that the investments we make this year will benefit children for generations to come.”

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