Non-profit index says online giving is growing

Small organizations are enjoying sustained giving activity online and offline

Non-profit index says online giving is growing

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By Allie Sanchez

More donors are going to online channels to satisfy their altruistic needs as internet-enabled donations saw a month on month spike, according to non-profit barometer, Blackbaud Index.

Online giving across all non-profit sectors grew by an average 7.1% in February, sustaining a five month growth streak pegged at a 10% monthly median. This channel saw a major spike in November when growth hit 17.5%, the highest recorded by the index since June 2013.

Split by size, large organizations (defined as entities that generate $10 million or more in annual revenue) proved the most sluggish with online platforms, showing a 5.8% increase. Medium non-profits (those that generate $1 million to $10 million) grew at 7.8%.

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It was the small organizations that saw the fastest growth in technology enabled donations, however, posting 9.7% in month on month growth. This trend has been sustained at a high level from December 2015 to November 2016 before slowing down in December through to January this year.

A Non-Profit Times report on recent data from the Index further said that large organizations have suffered a dip in general giving with a 2.4% drop in donations month on month.

The dip was felt less among medium sized charities, at a 0.6% rate in decrease, while small organizations kept their heads above water with a 1% increase in giving.

Grouped by sector, increases were seen among environmental organizations (8.5%), healthcare (7.8%) and international affairs (3%). Meanwhile, decreases were seen in the medical sector (-3.6%), foundations (-3%) and the arts (-2.1%)

The Blackbaud Index tracks nearly $20 billion in giving across US non-profits, providing annual analyses.

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