Westfield launches Ting program to combat electrical fires

New initiative provides free smart sensors to 10,000 homes

Westfield launches Ting program to combat electrical fires



Westfield Insurance has introduced a new initiative to prevent home electrical fires, offering Ting sensors to 10,000 home and condo customers at no cost.

The Ting sensor by Whisker Labs is a smart plug-in device that monitors a home’s electrical network to identify potential hazards, alert homeowners, and guide them through necessary repairs to prevent fires. 

“Part of our mission is to enable our customers’ peace of mind, and Ting does exactly that by giving homeowners advance notice to help prevent a potential home fire. Westfield has a long history—176 years, in fact—of offering insurance products and solutions to protect customers and communities, and this new technology is well aligned with our mission,” said Steve Butler, AVP of personal lines product management and underwriting at Westfield.

The initiative also includes three years of complimentary fire prevention service along with a goal to reach an additional 20,000 homeowners over the next three years.

Ting has gained recognition for its ability to prevent electrical fires by providing early warnings, allowing homeowners to address fire hazards before they cause significant damage. The sensor also detects electrical faults in the utility grid that could damage homes and potentially spark wildfires in susceptible areas. Additionally, Ting can predict issues leading to water damage inside homes, offering users valuable notifications and tips.

Since partnering with Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) in 2018 to introduce Ting to the insurance market, the device has made a notable impact.

“Fire continues to be one of the most devastating losses. Ting presents clients the opportunity to both reduce the risk of electrical fires and gather insightful data. It’s easy to install, user-friendly, and is making an impact. We continue to receive positive feedback from our insurance clients and their policyholders,” said John Riggs, senior vice president of Applied Technology Solutions for HSB.

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