Gen Re unveils digital underwriting solution for life industry

Application integrates insurtech tools, from AI to PPG

Gen Re unveils digital underwriting solution for life industry


By Kenneth Araullo

Gen Re has partnered with a multinational tech firm to launch a digital underwriting solution for the life sector across the MENA and East Mediterranean regions.

The reinsurer has joined CME to develop a software application tailored for primary insurers which leverages advanced insurtech tools, including artificial intelligence (AI) and photoplethysmography (PPG) technology, coupled with sophisticated algorithms to analyze vital signs and remote health parameters.

The program then analyzes applicants’ health, lifestyle, and occupation, enabling insurers to assess risk and adjust policy premiums accordingly. The incorporation of wearable technology and a gamified behavioral rewards system into the software also allows insurers to gain deeper insight into policyholders’ habits.

The software can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure of insurers or operated as an independent application.

The digital underwriting tool not only streamlines the policy issuance process but also opens up new avenues for insurers and brokers to access various distribution channels, heralding a new phase of growth and accessibility in the life insurance industry.

The new initiative from Gen Re comes as the life & health (L&H) reinsurance market poises itself for growth, expecting to exceed a major milestone by 2028. A study revealed that the segment is projected to grow to $225.7 billion by 2028, advancing at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2%.

Driving this growth is the rise in chronic diseases and disabilities, an avenue which would benefit from further digitalization in the industry.

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