The rising tide of reinsurance opportunities

Why the sector is emerging as a beacon

The rising tide of reinsurance opportunities



The following article has been supplied by AM Specialty Insurance Company and its CEO Shevawn Barder (pictured).

In the fast-paced landscape of Excess and Surplus (E&S) insurance, the ability to navigate market nuances and capitalize on emerging opportunities is crucial. As the CEO of AM Specialty Insurance Company, a firm grounded in a dual structure, I have witnessed changes and surges of opportunity in both the primary and reinsurance sectors. In recent months, however, the E&S insurance space has experienced a fascinating shift. While the fronting market has been saturated with an abundance of capacity, creating a fiercely competitive environment, the reinsurance sector has emerged as a beacon of opportunity.

Navigating the current market: A strategic shift

While a deluge of fronting capacity may seem beneficial on the surface, it has inadvertently created a highly competitive arena saturated with options for clients. This has created challenges for market players to differentiate and add unique value. On the other hand, the reinsurance sector is grappling with capacity constraints, fostering a seller’s market that’s ripe with potential. This lack of reinsurance capacity has catapulted the value of reinsurers and unveiled a trove of lucrative opportunities. At AM Specialty Insurance Company, our dual structure has allowed us to remain agile and responsive to these market conditions. Despite our initial anticipation of a heavier focus on primary business, the prevailing market conditions have led us to seize the reinsurance opportunities at hand. This environment has translated into the ability to be highly selective, engaging only in opportunities that align with our robust underwriting standards and risk appetite. We’ve been able to provide much-needed capacity, all while fostering long-term, sustainable partnerships.

Maintaining profitability through market cycles

In line with this shift, the insurance industry’s cyclical nature underscores the benefits of a dual-structured license, as it allows for flexibility and responsiveness to shifts in capacity and demand. At AM Specialty Insurance Company, our proactive approach to risk management, combined with our ability to adapt to market changes, ensures that we remain profitable through both soft and hard market cycles. We understand that our financial stability and growth are paramount, not just for our success, but for the continued trust and confidence of our clients and partners. This is one of the reasons that we opted to operate using a dual structure. Our ability to operate both as a primary excess and surplus carrier, as well as a reinsurer, places us in a unique position to navigate market shifts and capitalize on these conditions

The future of E&S insurance

The lack of reinsurance capacity coupled with the oversupply in the fronting space has undoubtedly tipped the scales, creating a unique landscape filled with opportunities for reinsurers. As we look towards the future, the E&S insurance space is poised for continued evolution and innovation. The increasing complexity of risks, coupled with the rapid pace of technological advancements, will drive the need for more specialized insurance solutions. At AM Specialty Insurance Company, our nimble approach allows us to provide paper while continuing to retain the portfolio in its entirety or pivot our strategy as market dynamics evolve. In the foreseeable future, this may involve strategically purchasing reinsurance to optimize our position. This dual capability exemplifies our commitment to being a dynamic participant in the market, adept in both providing essential paper and acting as a reinsurer.

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