CRC Group to help create new data and analytics platform

CRC Group to help create new data and analytics platform | Insurance Business America

CRC Group to help create new data and analytics platform

CRC Group has made a multi-million dollar investment in a new data and analytics platform that provides information to brokers and underwriters.

The REDY (Risk, Evaluation, and Database) platform will use CRC Group’s proprietary data and analytics to enhance how a wholesale placed account is marketed and serviced. The platform is “the culmination of years of work by CRC Group to build the largest proprietary database of actionable data in the wholesale industry,” a release said.

“REDY is about being different and better than our competitors in measurable ways,” said CRC Group CEO Dave Obenauer. “Having the best brokers and underwriters, the broadest market access, and the best service are table stakes today in the wholesale business.  To excel, a wholesaler must do more, and that’s why we’re launching REDY, our new data and analytics platform.” 

“From market selection to negotiating terms and conditions, REDY will allow us to leverage the collective knowledge of every member of our CRC Group’s national team to deliver valuable and actionable data driven intelligence to our producers and placement teams,” Obenauer added.

Since 2016, CRC Group has been collecting exposure and loss information on every bound account.

“We are already using our data to deliver a better client experience through popular tools like our limits benchmarking and property risk assessment reports,” commented CRC Group chief operating officer Neil Kessler.

REDY will serve as an important resource for underwriters and brokers.

“REDY will really take it to the next level by delivering new, deeper insights and better client experience tools to our brokers and underwriters directly in the workflow. It will allow them to produce better outcomes and better results more consistently, and ultimately help retailers who partner with CRC Group win more often,” Kessler remarked.

A company release said that REDY is currently in development; the platform will launch sometime this year.