Falvey engages with Dimo for actionable data experiences

Platform's adoption has resulted in a fivefold increase in revenue

Falvey engages with Dimo for actionable data experiences


By Kenneth Araullo

Falvey Insurance Group has selected Domo to consolidate its varied data sources into a unified platform.

Falvey faced challenges with its diverse and proprietary data systems, which hindered efficient access to information. The need for analysts to manually navigate and query these systems often led to delays in data retrieval and reporting, particularly in the complex domain of shipping logistics.

By leveraging Domo’s connectors, Falvey has been able to streamline its data integration process, aggregating information from multiple applications into a singular, real-time accessible source. This enhancement has significantly improved the company’s ability to respond to various operational demands, from evaluating hiring needs based on workload metrics to assessing immediate cargo risks and analyzing marketing engagement.

Falvey notes that the adoption of Domo has not only facilitated a fivefold increase in the firm’s revenue but also yielded considerable savings by reducing the time spent on back-end processes and offering a flexible IT cost management through Domo’s credit-based pricing model.

“As we explore the Domo platform and all of its capabilities, Domo’s credit-based pricing model makes it easy for us to increase user and platform adoption, as well as enabling us to experiment with all of the solutions Domo has to offer. We can use every tool in the Swiss Army knife that is Domo without needing to have the conversations about purchasing additional features. The more we use Domo to the fullest extent, the more return we get on our investment,” Falvey COO Jack Falvey said.

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