GEICO takes the lead for its mobile user experience

Scorecard highlights trends in mobile insurance channels

GEICO takes the lead for its mobile user experience


By Mika Pangilinan

GEICO has topped a newly released scorecard evaluating the mobile channels of leading auto and property insurance carriers in the US.

The scorecard examines insurers’ mobile apps and websites to determine trends related to user capabilities and customer experience elements.

According to Keynova Group, which publishes the scorecard on a semi-annual basis, GEICO ranked first for its overall score and surpassed 11 of the country’s major carriers for its mobile user experience. 

Aside from the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, the scorecard included Allstate, American Family, Erie, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, The Hartford, Travelers, and USAA.

It also identified a clear focus on improving mobile usability and bolstering privacy and security features among the major carriers.

These improvements are aimed at boosting consumer confidence in utilizing digital channels for insurance services, according to Keynova, as well as streamlining customer support to reduce the need for live agent resources. 

“We see new usability improvements being introduced in areas like digital quoting and for privacy and security measures where thoughtful roadmap planning, attention to best practice capabilities, and competitive insights are helping carriers create efficient digital experiences,” said managing director Beth Robertson.

Digital assistants – a growing trend

One of the trends highlighted in Keynova’s scorecard is the adoption of digital assistants, which use programmed answers to respond to common inquiries and claims questions.

The scorecard found that 83% of major carriers currently offer a digital assistant within their mobile browsers, while 58% provide the same feature through their mobile apps.

Two-thirds of carriers’ digital assistants were revealed to be able to display an ID card directly within the tool. Additionally, 42% can provide critical information like premium due without requiring users to navigate to another screen.

Some carriers have also taken an extra step by introducing digital assistants capable of vocalizing responses or addressing queries in Spanish.

However, the scorecard also pointed out areas for improvement, highlighting that 42% of firms still use a “chat” icon to transfer users to a digital assistant, potentially confusing users seeking live agent support.

Enhanced quoting experiences

Insurance carriers have also continually enhanced their mobile quoting experiences, with over 80% now incorporating mobile tools such as picker or calendar tools and smart keyboards.

Moreover, 75% of carriers have begun offering autocomplete address entry for mobile quoting. Voice fill has likewise been enabled by 92% of carriers, with nearly 60% supporting e-signatures for mobile policy purchases.

Keynova found that GEICO is the first to offer quotes in Spanish via its mobile channels, while Progressive stands out by enabling consumers to pay for a new policy using a mobile wallet.

Prioritizing privacy and security

As for privacy and security measures, the scorecard revealed that more than 40% of carriers now display the last login date and time on their mobile websites, while 17% had the same feature in their apps. Half of the carriers also offered additional authentication options for logins using unknown mobile devices, providing an added layer of security for users.

Notably, since Keynova released its previous scorecard earlier this year, 40% of carriers have introduced the ability for policyholders to view their password as they enter it on the login screen, reducing the risk of unintentional account lockouts. This feature is now offered by 92% of the major US insurance carriers.

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