Insurtech teams up with HUB and Miami Dolphins

Partnership described as “revolutionary”

Insurtech teams up with HUB and Miami Dolphins


By Sam Boyer

A Canadian insurtech company has partnered with broking giant HUB International and NFL team the Miami Dolphins to bring a new insurance experience to football fans.

nimbyx, founded in 2016, is a Vancouver-based company focused on leveraging technology to bring consumers simple, digital insurance solutions.

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On Thursday, in a joint announcement with HUB, the company announced its new “revolutionary social media and digital marketplace experience.” Through the Miami Dolphins’ “Fins Gear Friday” social media contest, fans “will have access to premium best-in-class insurance products [from HUB] at superior pricing that is unmatchable by traditional affinity or group purchasing programs.”

Stephanie Leakey, VP of marketing at nimbyx, said the insurance partnership originated from a chat between “two good friends,” Larry Lineker, executive vice president at HUB, and Paolo Kalaw, nimbyx’s founder and CEO. From their chat, they realized consumers needed more direct connection with their consumers, and that needed to happen digitally.
“Consumers are not only just wanting these services, they are demanding them,” Leakey said. “We can see that through their web search behavior.
“It’s really exciting to be a part of the changing insurance landscape. We feel that it’s really important to empower consumers with digital solutions that make a difference in their lives. These insurance products allow people the access to services online never available before or never available so easily.

“In this busy world, it gives people time back. We feel that’s what they need. As a small Canadian company, we are thrilled to be a part of this change and, as we grow, we aim to continue our focus on empowerment for consumers through digital solutions.”

Kalaw added: “There’s a massive digital transformation happening across many industries to meet the speed and service needs of customers. The insurance industry is at the early stage of this disruption, as consumers rely on technology for a more convenient and fully digital experience. We’re excited to be part of transforming the industry and partnering with HUB as early adopters.”

Initially, HUB will be providing fans the opportunity to buy two top-tier insurance solutions that are traditionally reserved for discounted pricing in employer-sponsored benefit plans – namely Telehealth, which provides on-demand 24/7 access to certified medical professionals, and IDT Safeguard, an identity theft protection product.

“The insurance industry is at a critical juncture to innovate. Joining with nimbyx and the Miami Dolphins is a pioneering step for the industry to meet the digital experience expectations of consumers and a revolutionary partnership for HUB,” said Lineker.

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