Jewelers Mutual partners with Truepic

Jewelers Mutual partners with Truepic | Insurance Business

Jewelers Mutual partners with Truepic

Jewelers Mutual, the only US carrier that specializes in insuring jewelry and jewelry businesses, has announced that it will use photo-authentication technology company Truepic to perform virtual inspections at the point of underwriting. Jewelers Mutual said it hopes to expand its use of Trupic over the coming year.

Truepic’s newly released product, Truepic Vision, allows Jewelers Mutual customers to perform advanced virtual inspections. Truepic’s image-verification technology provides more than 22 different checks performed in under 15 seconds in order to verify that photos are authentic and unedited.

“Truepic Vision has provided a convenient, less intrusive option to collect photos, which has led to quicker turnaround times and an improved experience for our personal-lines customers,” said Bryan Howard, director of product management and personal lines underwriting at Jewelers Mutual. “When photos are taken through the Truepic app, our underwriters have a much higher confidence level in their authenticity. We see several other opportunities to use the Truepic Vision technology to benefit our customers, partners and employees.”

“Truepic Vision has truly redefined the virtual inspection experience,” said Dan Gumpright, vice president and head of insurance at Truepic. “We believe that genuine customers should be able to perform an inspection by clicking a link – not have to log into a website or application – take photos, and get on with their day. In an era where photos and visual media are difficult to trust, especially in commercial applications, we use our years of image forensics experience and technology to provide insurance companies with the trusted images they need, and insureds with the customer-centric experience they want.”