New EZLynx tool to help generate more leads for agents

New EZLynx tool to help generate more leads for agents | Insurance Business

New EZLynx tool to help generate more leads for agents

Agency software developer EZLynx is in the process of launching a new tool for agencies which it says will help generate more leads and increase productivity.

Sales Center, which is set to launch in Spring this year, has been specifically designed to funnel and generate leads, helping users manage the sales pipeline and make data-driven decisions, Brenna Johnson, business analyst at EZLynx, told Insurance Business.

As the market changes, and the independent insurance agency channel in particular, agents are being “required to do so much more and manage more with fewer resources,” Johnson said, forcing them to rely on technology to help expedite the process.

The idea was to create an insurance sales-focused solution to help agencies leverage technology and streamline their sales pipeline, Johnson said of the platform, which is built on EZLynx’s existing rating engine and policy management system, but also available as a standalone purchase.

Over half of the US insurance agencies that use a ratings platform choose EZLynx, which handles over six million quote transactions a month – a figure which continues to increase – Johnson said.

“We have a massive amount of data at our fingertips,” she explained.

“Using that data, we are able to suggest prospects and recapture business that may not have been written, and suggest potential leads from the agency’s own data,” she said.

The platform’s main goal is to help agencies generate more leads, close more of their deals, and never miss out on a sales opportunity that could have slipped through the cracks, Johnson said, which can be a danger for those using outdated systems such as keeping leads in spreadsheets or an outlook account.

The platform has been in the making for over a year, and is currently in a testing phase before full launch in Spring, though there has been a limited beta release to a few existing customers.

On technology in general, agents should be leveraging systems to help protect the broker channel, Johnson said.

“It can help give them a competitive advantage that can put them on the level of some of the captives and direct writers, because they have a system that’s equal to those systems,” she said.

“Agencies who aren’t selling, aren’t going to be around.”