Revealed – insurance's five-star software and tech providers

Find out who the very best are – worldwide

Revealed – insurance's five-star software and tech providers


By Paul Lucas

It’s one thing to be at the cutting edge of technology and software in the insurance industry, but quite another to say you have one of the best tech offerings in the world.

Yet that is exactly what the newly crowned five-star technology and software providers can claim, thanks to a brand new Insurance Business report.

What is the five-star technology and software providers report?

Every region may have its own legislation, practices and ways of working within the insurance industry – but they are all united by one element: everyone needs the very best technological support.

That is why Insurance Business decided to conduct one-on-one interviews with insurance brokers, and survey thousands more, across its global regions of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Asia-Pacific, the USA and the UK. Technology providers were asked to nominate their solutions and brokers delivered their verdict on which offerings stood out from the pack.

The result was that 20 insurance technology and software providers were listed for this year’s five-star report – which you can read in full now.

Which companies made the list?

Among the 20 firms that received a five-star rating, based on criteria such as improving the customer experience, preventing cyber threats and enabling faster policy issuance, was JAVLN. Based in New Zealand, it claims to be transforming the insurance industry with a cloud-based end-to-end policy management solution that offers significant efficiency gains. You can find out more about its offering here.

However, there were 19 more companies to make the list. So click here to discover the insurance industry’s five-star technology and software providers now.

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