Sapiens partners with cloud-based SaaS provider

Partnership will help customers proactively detect fraud and litigation risk

Sapiens partners with cloud-based SaaS provider


By Ryan Smith

Insurance software provider Sapiens International Corporation has announced that it has partnered with Charlee, a cloud-based software-as-a-service provider of machine-learning and artificial intelligence products for property and casualty insurers.

Charlee supports claims and underwriting processes with predictive models and insights through natural language processing of documents and data attached to the claims. The Sapiens CoreSuite for Property & Casualty will provide Charlee with a deeper, more intuitive understanding of information, the companies said.

Sapiens CoreSuite for P&C will enable Charlee to instantly detect high-cost litigation propensity patterns in customer claims, as well as other insights for underwriting and fraud. The partnership will provide customers with a cutting-edge product for litigation avoidance, unlimited data sources, insurance domain focus and prebuilt insights, the companies said.

“Integrating Charliee AI engine for insurance with Sapiens CoreSuite for P&C provides our clients with the ability to take their claims and underwriting process to the next level,” said Jamie Yoder, president and general manager of Sapiens North America. “We continue to expand our partnerships to provide new business capabilities to accelerate the P&C digital transformation. Charlee joins Sapiens’ expansive partner ecosystem, through which we have a strategic imperative to constantly search for the latest innovations and empower our customers with the most innovative capabilities.”

“Partnering with Sapiens is an exciting opportunity for Charlee to enable our AI engine to deliver actionable insights and predictions focused on insurance through Sapiens’ industry-leading CoreSuite for P&C platform,” said Sri Ramaswamy, CEO of Charlee.

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