What does your website say about your agency?

First impressions matter – make sure your website is sending the right message with these tips

What does your website say about your agency?


By Heather Turner

Insurance agency websites don’t necessarily have a reputation for being the most user-friendly or interesting websites out there – but that doesn’t mean that yours should also fall into that pigeonhole.

Kirsten Thornton, website content specialist at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC) says, “websites involve lots of moving parts, so it’s important to remember how they appear and function as a whole.”

With so many factors contributing to the look and use of a website, often times one factor becomes the center of attention while the others are foregone. Thornton offers a few tips on how to create an agency website that blends aesthetics and function – earning that much-needed positive first impression.

First, having an attention grabbing “primary image” that is relevant and high-resolution, along with a clear and identifiable logo, is key when trying to establish an unforgettable brand.

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“A professional logo builds trust and sets your business apart from others,” she says. “Don’t miss this chance to be memorable.”

Second, take a look at your colors. Are they too average or too crazy?

“Most industries have particular colors associated with them. Try to break away from the pack,” Thornton says. “Set yourself apart from the competition in a good way. Going too wild could feel tacky. Allow your colors to make an impact without being jarring.”

Thornton continues by explaining how a good call to action can create a clear path on your website to help visitors get to where they intend to go. This goes along with having content that is neither generic nor outdated. Updating content regularly so that it reflects your agency’s brand and benefits your customers are important components, according to Thornton.

“If content is boring or confusing, you will seem out of touch with your audience, and thus not a good fit. Make your language easy to understand so customers feel comfortable.”

Finally, establishing digital clout is essential to giving your agency website credibility. Blogs and client testimonials are easy ways to show your audience that you have both industry experience and satisfied customers. Together, these pieces help build strong websites with positive first impressions that keep customers engaged and returning time and time again.

“By and large, design plays the largest factor in getting new visitors to stay on your website,” says Thornton. “Make sure your interface is clean, organized, and appealing. Also, consider the extra advantage a good first impression makes. Down the road, visitors are more likely to accept some hiccups down the line, should they happen. A compelling first impression could be the difference between inactivity and conversion.”

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