Jerry Assael

Jerry Assael

Now at HUB, Jerry Assael stands out as a broker producer, renowned for his strategic emphasis on the property and real estate sectors. His professional journey commenced at Hiram Cohen & Son, Inc., where, under the Hilb Group’s stewardship, he laid a robust foundation for his insurance expertise. This foundation was further solidified through the USLI 50/50 Program, enabling him to refine his skills in conjunction with seasoned producers and marketing representatives. Assael’s proficiency spans a broad spectrum of client needs, from individual policies to comprehensive commercial lines.

His tenure at USI marked a pivotal moment, where Assael chose to specialize further within the property and real estate industry. This focus sharpened his ability to identify recurring client challenges, enhancing his communication and problem-solving skills. It was here that Assael’s commitment to deploying innovative and strategic solutions came to the forefront, marking his dedication to exceptional client service. 

Today, within HUB, Assael harnesses his wealth of experience to deliver unparalleled service in the property and real estate markets. His role is characterized by a commitment to understanding the sector’s distinct challenges and complexities. Through HUB’s extensive resources, Assael is dedicated to offering clients innovative, strategic, and cutting-edge insurance solutions, tailored to meet the unique demands of the property and real estate industry. This commitment to innovation and strategic planning positions Jerry Assael as a key player in providing clients with the highest level of service and solutions in the dynamic world of property and real estate insurance. 


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