Sharif Gardner

Sharif Gardner

Sharif Gardner, Head of Training & Advisory Services, AXIS Insurance

Sharif oversees a team of specialist advisers, responsible for providing cyber expertise to the underwriting teams across AXIS Insurance, as well as for brokers and clients. He has developed GCHQ accredited broker and risk-manager training programs and regularly runs multi-sector crisis management workshops internationally. Prior to AXIS he was head of the UK’s largest cybersecurity academy where he led a team of GCHQ certified trainers. He is a former Royal Marines Commando and is credited with creating the globally recognized Frontier Risks SRMC™, a leading security education program which provides 60 credits to the MBA Risk and Resilience with the University of West Scotland.  More recently, he co-authored a BCS Publication. Penetration Testing: A guide for business and IT Managers. BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT. Sharif graduated at Bournemouth University with an MSc Cyber Security and Human Factors.

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Cyber threat landscape is changing – how can businesses keep up?

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