Balderdash Bingo for Brokers

It’s the insurance equivalent of a jargon game played in business circles around North America. Here’s a fun way to suffer through those interminable meetings, seminars and phone calls….

Balderdash Bingo for Brokers

Do meetings bore you? What about those endless conference calls? Balderdash Bingo for Brokers is a way for brokers to change all of that!

How to Play: Write down any combination of the following words on a Balderdash Bingo for Brokers scorecard. Check off the appropriate block on the scorecard when you hear the words during a meeting, seminar or phone call. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically or diagonally, stand up and shout BALDERDASH!



The Words:
Risk (synonymous with ‘client’)
Availability issue
Rate adequacy
Solutions (eg, “We sell the following insurance solutions...”)
Low-hanging fruit (with reference to technology)
Underwriting discipline
Strategic Fit
“Lines” or “Books” of Business
24/7 (continued.)


Social Media
ITV (Insurance to Value)
Personalized Advice
Customized insurance program
Best Practices
Combined (as in, combined ratio)
At the end of the day
Suite of Products
Thought leadership

Strange things that people insure
We have home insurance, car insurance – and now clothes insurance…

Yes, you can protect that expensive Chanel suit to which you treated yourself last Christmas, as well as those real leather handmade Italian brogues.  

General insurance companies in India have realized that some people’s wardrobes cost more than the average person’s house. As a result, they are selling cover for personal possessions including clothes, shoes and bags.

These material goods are protected against fire, earthquake, flood and terrorism and, in some cases, burglary, theft, accidental damage and accidental loss, according to The Economic Times in India.

“For instance, if there is a spill or tear in your expensive designer clothing, its repair expenses will be covered,” said Ramesh Ramani, senior vice-president of consumer lines at Tata AIG. “If a luxurious designer handbag is stolen or lost in transit, the insurance cover will make good its loss.”
As you might imagine, the cover is targeted at the high net worth individual.

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