Fire grading index now available online

Fire grading index now available online | Insurance Business America

Fire grading index now available online
The traditional Fire Underwriters Survey is moving with the times, now available in a new online system for its Canadian Fire Insurance Grading Index.

Version 2.0 is now available through the iClarify property valuation tool from Opta Information Intelligence, at no additional cost to all subscribing insurance companies and the brokers they sponsor.

“The insurance industry is evolving quickly and there are significant gains ahead as companies realize they can improve accuracy, efficiency, and profitability with the implementation of digital and GIS based tools,” says Michael Currie, fire underwriters survey director at Opta Information Intelligence. “The Canadian Fire Insurance Grading Index is one of the tools that is leading the way in the digital and GIS evolution of the P&C industry in Canada.”

The system is also available at the FUS website.

According to FUS, some features of the new version of the Canadian Fire Insurance Grading Index are:
•    Index is a web based service, capable of producing more accurate results using less analysis time;
•    Adjustments for Risk Specific Commercial Property Response Conditions (RiskSCOR) are made automatically in all areas where hydrants have been geo-coded;
•    80 per cent of all hydrants in Canada have been geo-coded and included in search results;
•    Address search feature has been expanded to include all provinces and territories with updated postal code data;
•    Postal code search feature has improved accuracy with subsidiary addresses included for each postal code; and
•    Updated road network data with improved mapping accuracy. (continued.)

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