Global risk management giant backs ADA reform bill

Global risk management giant backs ADA reform bill | Insurance Business

Global risk management giant backs ADA reform bill

The Risk Management Society (RIMS) is pushing for broader acceptance of the newly introduced ADA reform bill.

The ADA Compliance for Customer Entry to Stores and Services Act – ACCESS Act, which was introduced by Congressman Ken Calvert, aims to provide business owners with adequate time to resolve compliance failures.

Under the bill, a person aggrieved by an ADA violation would have to provide the owner or operator with a written notice of the violation and indicate the barrier to their access. The business would then have 60 days to deal with the notice with 120 days to make improvements before a suit is filed.

It also aims to teach the state and local government and property owners about effective and efficient strategies for promoting access to public accommodation for people with disabilities.

“The ACCESS Act will protect small business owners and disabled Americans through critical reforms to the ADA that ensure it continues to protect access for the disabled and not abusive lawsuits. The ACCESS Act simply ensures they (small businesses) have time to make necessary improvements before being subjected to costly lawsuits,” Congressman Calvert explained.

RIMS is urging its members to also encourage their local congressperson to support the act.

“It’s imperative that individuals with disabilities are afforded access to businesses and facilities that adhere to prudent ADA regulations,” said Gloria Brosius, president of RIMS.

“However, the recent rise of frivolous, and sometimes baseless lawsuits have led to legislation such as the ACCESS Act to be necessary to protect both business owners and the disabled.”