How insurance poached this “young gun” from a career in law

When Jessica Jaremchuk obtained a legal degree, she never envisioned herself pursuing a career in insurance. Here’s what drew her to the position she loves today.

How insurance poached this “young gun” from a career in law

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Jessica Jaremchuk may currently serve as Regional Manager at Frank Cowan Company, but she didn’t always intend to end up in this industry. In fact, after she obtained a degree in law, she never even considered a position with an insurance company.
That all changed when she was introduced to the executive team at Frank Cowan Company and through conversation opened her mind to the possibilities that can exist for a young professional in the insurance industry.
“I was still thinking that I may want to work for a law firm and go into a tradition legal practice, but as I talked more with Barb Szychta, Vice President of the Risk Management Department, I started to realize the opportunities the company provided and how great it could be for me,” she said.
Once there, Jaremchuk began working in the Risk Management department, first as a Risk Analyst and then as the Manager of Risk Management Consulting Services Last fall she moved over to the Marketing team to manage a territory in Southwestern Ontario. an area where she findsa great deal of unexpected fulfillment.
“My job involves people, and I enjoy dealing with people every day,” she said. “I see myself as more than an insurance professional but rather an expert in municipal insurance. I get to specialize in an area where I work with interesting legal matters, which is important to me. So this career allows me to do everything that I love.”
In fact, sometimes it surprises Jaremchuk just how much her passions overlap in this role. As a result, she frequently advises younger demographics to keep an open mind about insurance careers, since they are versatile enough to appeal to a wide range of interests. 
“I get to keep up on legislation and case law, and I get to do public speaking for various organizations and associations, so it kind of gives me that freedom to bring together all of the things that I enjoy to do. It just so happens that it’s for insurance.” 
Finally, while she relishes her current responsibilities and appreciates the dynamic nature of her job, she acknowledges that this position could also serve as a stepping stone to other exciting leadership roles in the field.
“ My role is giving me the opportunity to learn another facet of the company, an important facet, because these are our clients, this is our business, and having an opportunity to learn about this side of our business is an amazing opportunity.”
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