Over 1 million Canadian vehicles named in deadly air bag recall

Despite the fact that Takata’s faulty air bags affect over 1.5 million Canadian automobiles, the country is said to be a “low priority” in the global recall.

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The global Takata air bag recall has now been expanded to include 1.5 million automobiles in Canada, reports The Globe and Mail.
The list includes such popular vehicles as the Honda Accord, the Toyota Corolla, a range of Dodge Rams and the Ford Mustang, and primarily encompasses car models manufactured between 2001 and 2011.
The air bags in question, produced by Japan’s Takata Corporation, have been linked to six fatalities and 100 injuries worldwide. The air bags allegedly “explode violently” and cause flying debris to spiral into the passenger side of the vehicle.
Despite this pervasive national recall, Canada is said to be a “low priority” among affected countries. This isn’t the result of economics or politics, but rather, the weather.
Although researchers are unsure exactly what serves as the catalyst for the air bag eruptions, it is believed that heat and humidity are primary drivers. Since Canada is mostly relegated to colder temperatures, it is seen as less at risk.
In addition, the Detroit Free Press writes that Canada faces a shortage of parts, which makes immediate widespread repairs impossible.
No incidences have been reported in Canada regardless, and Transport Canada reports that it “has not received any complaints from Canadians alleging abnormal deployment of air bags supplied by Takata.”
So far, five class action lawsuits have already been issued in Canada alleging that the Japanese parts maker “knew or ought to have known” about the defect and informed the public accordingly. Windsor-based law firm Sutts, Strosberg LLP is seeking $3.25 billion in damages, which includes the inconvenience of obtaining repairs and the depreciated value of vehicles.
The full list of recalled vehicles in Canada can be found on Transport Canada’s website here.

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