Trisura Guarantee to provide legal assistance hotline

A major Canadian insurance company will now offer a complimentary hotline to assist with pressing legal issues.

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The average rate of a Canadian lawyer now exceeds $400 per hour, and a two-day court trial can cost over $44,000 just to settle one minor legal conflict. For this reason, Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company has announced the introduction of a complimentary legal assistance hotline available in English and French to all Corporate Risk policyholders.
This service provides legal advice for businesses on such matters as tax audits, employment disputes and questions regarding licensing. The specialty lines provider considers it to be an integral part of its product offerings, since any one issue “can quickly balloon into a potentially crippling hardship.”
Key components of the legal assistance hotline include:
  • 24/7 emergency access
  • Direct, personal advice from lawyers with explicit “next step” actions
  • The disappearance of unexpected legal expenses
  • No limits on call time or frequency
Since time is often a crucial determining factor in the resolution of legal matters, the hotline connects all callers to a legal expert quickly, no matter how specific the inquiry. In addition, experts are on hand seven days a week from 8am to 12am for non-emergency queries, and a 24-hour basis for urgent ones.
In addition to this hotline, Corporate Risk policyholders can also take advantage of privacy breach tools and services provided by IDT911, which include educational materials and training modules.

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