What do nursing and risk management have in common?

For one, it was a natural progression

What do nursing and risk management have in common?

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Krishna Lynch (pictured), assistant vice president of casualty risk engineering at Zurich Resilience Solutions, began her professional journey in the healthcare sector, driven by an intrinsic desire to assist those in need.

“I started my career in nursing,” she told Insurance Business. “As a critical care nurse, my core motivation was to support individuals during vulnerable moments in their lives.”

Nursing wasn’t merely a career choice for her; it reflected a lifelong commitment to helping others.

The transition from nursing to risk management may seem like a significant leap, but for Lynch, it was a seamless progression fueled by her technical prowess and a natural inclination to contribute on a broader scale.

“Risk management happened to be a very natural, organic process for me in terms of transitioning my career,” Lynch explained. This shift allowed her to expand her impact from individual patient care to safeguarding the well-being of entire organizations.

Central to Lynch’s approach was a strong emphasis on trust and connection. Whether interacting with patients, customers, or employees, she believes that trust forms the foundation of any successful relationship.

“It’s about making that connection and being honest. Without connection and listening, you can’t cultivate a trust-based relationship, and I think all those factors are important when it comes to establishing trust,” she asserted. 

At Zurich Resilience Solutions, Lynch’s work focuses on fostering business resilience, helping customers tackle challenges ranging from supply chain disruptions to regulatory changes and natural disasters. Her commitment extends beyond addressing immediate challenges to creating sustainable and thriving workplaces. This involves emphasizing the importance of reskilling, upskilling, and ensuring engagement with her team.

“We aim to provide an environment where individuals can thrive, develop, and have a voice. I’m proud that we’re achieving that and forming connections here at Zurich while supporting our customers with products and services to help drive these positive environments,” she stated.

Lynch underscored the necessity of having the right mix of partners, stakeholders, and diverse teams to effectively navigate the dynamic risk management industry. She acknowledged the evolving risk landscape and emphasized the need for agility and adaptability.

“The risk landscape is continually evolving, and we have to adjust and adapt,” Lynch remarked. 

Furthermore, as organizations integrate advanced technologies like AI into their practices, she advocates for responsible implementation, foreseeing employee well-being and mental health as ongoing priorities. 

Her vision entails using advanced tools alongside strategies that prioritize and safeguard an organization’s most value asset – its people.

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