Zurich debuts new broker technology

The international insurer is set to unroll three new pieces of technology that will make the lives of its brokers much easier.

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Global insurer Zurich is rolling out new technology this summer that aims to make the lives of its corporate customers and appointed agents much easier.

During a special session at the RIMS 2014 conference in Denver last week, Zurich CEO of Global Corporate Thomas Huerlimann announced updates to My Zurich Customer Portal as well as new developments that have already come to Zurich’s Multinational Insurance Application and Zurich Risk Room technology.

“This is a huge advancement in what Zurich offers to its customers in a world that has become much more risky and, in the future, will become even more risky—a world where risk will outpace global economic growth,” Huerlimann said at the launch. “All these tools you see here are actually helping to reduce this complexity for our customers, for our brokers and obviously for Zurich itself.”

My Zurich Customer Portal, version 2.0, is an updated version of Zurich’s portal created in response to feedback and suggestions from users. The new portal features real-time updates on claims payments, premium payments and policy updates, many of which are presented in a graphic format to allow for easy viewing for both broker and customer.

Zurich executives pointed out the new portal is especially useful in catastrophic situations in which customers or their brokers may want to access policy information immediately. Customers will be automatically transferred to the new version by August.

Zurich’s Multinational Insurance Application (MIA), first developed in 2006, reflects regional regulation and tax information for roughly 180 countries, updated on a rolling basis by a team of international lawyers. The application allows brokers to input just three pieces of information in order to be certain their clients’ insurance programs are streamlined and appropriate for each area in which the client is operating.

A MIA iPad app was unrolled earlier this year, and the entire system will now be free for the use of RIMS members.

“MIA is really the program that allows us to reduce complexity across the globe and make it very easy for our customers to understand how to structure a global program—but even more importantly to protect their reputation,” Huerlimann commented.

Finally, the Zurich Risk Room tool analyzes how 70 individual business, economic, political, social environmental and technological risks interact in more than 150 countries. The program, now available through a new iPad app, allows customers and their brokers to see how certain risks—such as water shortages or political unrest—influence their own risk profile.

Zurich Risk Room and MIA are already available, while the new version of My Zurich will be available by August, executives said.

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