Bettie D. Baggette, Higginbotham

Bettie D. Baggette, Higginbotham

Director of operations, business insurance

What began as a part-time administrative job at an insurance office meant to be a placeholder until she found a “real job” ended up being Bettie Baggette’s career of almost 40 years. Over the years, Baggette has held positions on both the agency and carrier sides of the business; for a brief time, she even owned her own independent agency.

“Whether I was searching flood maps, making file folders, typing mobile home policies, rating multiple lines of coverage in several states, underwriting risks on the carrier side or helping a producer to close a deal, I have always found the insurance industry to be challenging as well as rewarding,” she says.

Moving into management several years ago proved to be a new and rewarding challenge. “There is nothing better than seeing someone grow in knowledge, confidence and responsibility, even if only playing a small role in that development,” Baggette says. “I love sharing knowledge and watching and helping others grow and succeed.”

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