Henna Karna, AXA XL

Henna Karna, AXA XL

Executive vice president, chief data officer

After serving as an actuary in the 1990s, Henna Karna rejoined the insurance industry in the mid-2000s with a goal of “making the world a safer place for people and businesses with a level of precision in managing risk that is commensurate with the level of digitization that exists today.”

Driven by the belief that the industry must keep pace with technological innovation and emerging risks in order to continue to serve as a sustaining buffer for the global economy, Karna is dedicated to creating a new basis of competition. She’s doing this through the build-out of data and digital products and solutions and by developing new career paths for colleagues, cloud-enabled data platforms, monetizable data assets, and digital solutions for customers and partners.

Together, Karna and her team have developed four specific D&I categories they seek to hire around: economic disparity, returning military/new to corporate, neuro and physical diversity, and diverse industries. “The colleagues we have brought on board with our D&I efforts have changed the fabric of our team to a level of breadth that we could not have imagined,” she says.

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