Headquarters: Birmingham, AL
Years in business: 129
Leadership: Grantland Rice III, CEO; Bruce Denson Jr., president and COO

Cobbs Allen started in 1887 as a mortgage and insurance business; in the 1970s, the firm sold its mortgage practice and began to focus on its insurance division. In 1992, the current shareholders acquired the firm, and in 2000, the agency shifted away from the traditional insurance model to complement its clients’ existing operations.

As the largest privately held insurance firm in Alabama, Cobbs Allen continues to grow by pushing further into reinsurance and convergence concepts, such as the development of two insurance-wrapped financial products, and the launch of CommodityCap, an insurance product that allows clients to limit their exposure to the impact of volatile commodity prices. Last year, president and COO Bruce Denson also introduced the Guideline Process to assist clients with their risk management needs.

“We are fortunate that our industry allows people to set their goals as they see fit and work to accomplish them,” says CEO Grantland Rice. “There are no geographic or industry restrictions, and people can call on businesses of all sizes. This is an industry that allows flexibility and a great platform for unlimited success. Our industry needs to communicate this to young people and make sure the next generation understands what we do and how they can be a part of an industry that is vibrant and necessary.”

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  • Cobbs Allen
  • 115 Office Park Drive Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35223

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