Headquarters: Reno, NV
Years in business: 5
Leadership: Nick Rossi, president

The LP Insurance Services that exists today formed in 2010, but it has roots dating back to 1927, when Archie Granata launched Granata/Lucini Insurance and Real Estate in Reno. A growing commercial and personal insurance brokerage, LP currently has more than 140 employees across six offices. The firm recently completed an acquisition, with several more on the horizon.

Recently, Nevada implemented medical marijuana licensing, a sector that LP has taken advantage of. “We have seen an increase in servicing [the medical marijuana industry], as well as construction, since housing is rebounding,” says Lindsay Minor, chief marketing officer at LP. “The distribution,
manufacturing, warehousing and energy industries have been escalating in activity, too.”

Focused on the producer-client relationship, LP strives to support its producers, as well as the community. “We are deeply ingrained in the fabric of the community,” Minor says. “We support more than 100 organizations throughout our footprint. In addition, we have confidence that all LP principals, producers and employees are rooted in the community as well.”

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  • LP Insurance Services
  • 300 East 2nd Street, Suite 1300 Reno, NV 89501

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