Missoula, MT

One of the largest independent agencies in the West, PayneWest has experienced double-digit organic growth due to three key initiatives: specialization, colleague investment and its Riscover program. With Riscover, PayneWest offers “business insurance with direction” as it looks at the many facets of risk that clients face. PayneWest’s sales team uses a proprietary ‘client risk plan’ to discover all of a client’s risks, even those that go beyond any insurance products the agency offers.

PayneWest has spent the past year doubling down on its investment in its employees. Nearly two-thirds of the company now has formal career path opportunities, and every new employee experiences an onboarding retreat. PayneWest also implemented the Gives Volunteer Time Off program in 2017, providing every full-time employee 30 hours to volunteer each year.

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  • PayneWest Insurance
  • 2925 Palmer Street Missoula, MT 59808-1658

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