Nancy Arky, Alliant Underwriting Solutions

Nancy Arky, Alliant Underwriting Solutions

First vice president

Alliant Underwriting Solutions, a division of Alliant Insurance Services

Nancy Arky is the underwriting engine that drives Tribal First, the country’s largest provider of insurance solutions to tribal nations and part of Alliant Underwriting Solutions. As first vice present, Arky and her team play an integral role in instituting a sound underwriting structure and positioning Tribal First to maintain its leadership in “Native America”, while expanding its reach to new categories of clients and partners.

Her contributions have enhanced Tribal First’s underwriting methodologies, positioning the firm for continued growth and dominance in its market. She has also made significant strides in the field of analytics by developing proven methods that enable Tribal First to gather key program metrics and intelligence to ensure its clients receive the best possible rates and the broadest coverage.

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