Product Training and Marketing Support

Product Training and Marketing Support

Average carrier performance 7.85



When it comes to the product training and marketing support offered by carriers, one broker summed up the overall tone of the feedback: “Always room for improvement.”

Calls for more frequent meetings, clearer guidelines, access to more information and increased trainings were the most common requests. “I’d like to see a little more marketing material around products and/or training,” one broker said, while others wished for “more frequent weekly trainings and prospecting trainings” and “more timely broker courses.” Some brokers acknowledged that while training and marketing support is available, it feels “very canned and not unique to our agency.”

Others had only positive things to say: “Our marketing representative is the best in the business,” said one broker, while another praised their carrier as “one of the better carriers to offer training.”

Due to the importance of product training, it’s not surprising that brokers are asking for more and better programs from their carriers. “They have added a few new products over the last couple years, and I was not impressed with the lack of training on their rater and guidelines for these products,” one broker said. Another reminded carriers that “[we need] more information given upfront versus after the fact.”

Broker support is key in this area, as is carriers and brokers being on the same page – and based on the feedback from brokers, it seems many carriers still have a long way to go.