All-star wholesale partner: BTIS

All-star wholesale partner: BTIS

Pictured: Paul Hohlbein, president (left) and Jeff Hohlbein, co-president and general counsel (right)

Using technology to provide a world-class experience for their producers and more efficient internal systems for their staff, BTIS strives to be at the pinnacle of commercial insurance distribution by putting customers first and leveraging technology to solve and automate business challenges. Whether it’s for risk assessment, data analysis, business processing, marketing, branding or education, BTIS is dedicated to finding or developing the technology that will enable them to achieve their goals. The company is constantly innovating and improving on business processes and technology with one key element in mind: ease of use.

Since the beginning, BTIS has deeply understood that in order to succeed, a business must have a foundation of extraordinary customer experience. Relentlessly decreasing friction, increasing simplicity and building solid relationships have been the company’s constant goals for the last two decades, and they are proud to offer our customers live support, industry training and courteous issue resolution. Each year, over half a million phone calls are taken by a BTIS employee – they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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