All-star wholesale partner: Synapse Services

All-star wholesale partner: Synapse Services

Pictured: Clockwise from top left: Partners Brian Macrae, Daniel Beck, Ken Burrell, Michael Gill and Vita DeMarchi

Synapse Services is an independent, national wholesale specialty insurance agency dedicated to serving retail brokers and their insureds. The company empowers brokers with specialized knowledge, sophisticated tools and the technical resources required to evaluate liabilities and cover insureds’ risks.

“This past year, we’ve invested heavily in key areas of importance to retail brokers,” says managing partner Daniel Beck. “Centralis, our proprietary data technology system, is now enhancing every aspect of our service delivery platform. With Centralis, we compare risk factors across 15 years of data by industry classification, premium, limits, endorsements, carrier appetite, claims and more. Our data provides a foundation for insurer negotiations and coverage reviews.”

Synapse’s technical brokers leverage their resources to procure the broadest and most comprehensive coverage available, and retail brokers look to Synapse for expertise and experience in environmental and business insurance.

“We can provide detailed coverage reviews for our brokers and their insureds, comparing quotations across up to 40 different policy criteria, facilitating an in-depth comparison of product options,” Beck says. “The comparisons offer a clear resource to easily recognize key differences in coverage across multiple policy forms, which are not standardized in their coverage structure or language.”

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