Brian Scrocca, Vice president, Alliant Insurance Services

Brian Scrocca, Vice president, Alliant Insurance Services

In August 2017, Brian Scrocca joined the Alliant team amidst the company’s ongoing regional expansion. As vice president for Alliant’s middle-market division, Scrocca oversees the growth of risk management and insurance solutions for clients within the Northeast region.

With more than a decade of industry experience under his belt, Scrocca has been recognized for designing and implementing sophisticated risk solutions that effectively address today’s complex environment, and has demonstrated expertise in serving both domestic and international clients.

“I enjoy being part of the change in the insurance community,” he says. “There are a lot of stereotypes, as there are in most industries, and I like bucking those generalizations and stepping outside the box sometimes.”

Prior to Alliant, Scrocca was with Cook Maran & Associates, where he oversaw commercial insurance operations, looking after clients from various industries, including construction, chemical, food, retail and technology. Scrocca was recognized as an IBA Top Producer earlier this year and was a finalist for Top Producer of the Year at the 2017 Insurance Business America Awards.

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