Zac Overbay, Chief administrative officer, Woodruff Sawyer

Zac Overbay, Chief administrative officer, Woodruff Sawyer

Chief administrative officer

As chief administrative officer at Woodruff Sawyer, Zac Overbay is responsible for many of the company’s operational functions in support of its growing national footprint. In 2018, he reimagined and re-engineered Woodruff Sawyer’s operations, including an ambitious workforce and flexible work initiative, along with an assessment of the firm’s technology and resources from a client perspective.

He led the charge to build and implement new technology platforms, including a claims management portal and Woodruff360, the firm’s custom-designed cloud-based client portal. Overbay also has a dual role as the firm’s chief risk officer, advising executives and the board on traditional and reputational risk exposures and providing guidance on internal litigation risks. Prior to his role as CAO, Overbay led Woodruff Sawyer’s claim audit and consulting practice for 15 years.

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