Hot 100 2020

Meet 100 insurance professionals who have rocked the industry with their innovations, leadership and achievements over the past 12 months

Hot 100 2020

It's impossible to anticipate what a year will bring. Natural disasters. Technological advances. An erratic market. Retirements, promotions, evolving industry trends, changing consumer demands. But despite the unpredictability, the insurance industry has continued to thrive – and much of that success can be attributed to the following 100 individuals.

From presidents of companies who have branched out to launch new firms to insurtech and cyber innovators to third-generation insurance professionals climbing the ladder of the family business, the 100 men and women on the following pages have used the last 12 months to push the industry forward. Their inclusion on IBA’s annual Hot 100 list is a testament to the mentorship, vision and dedication they displayed this year.

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