Hot 100 2021

Meet 100 industry leaders and innovators who have made the most out of a chaotic year

Hot 100 2021

One for the history books, 2020 has been a seemingly endless stream of uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought economic recession and ongoing technological disruption, wildfires and hurricanes have ravaged the US from coast to coast, and social and political unrest has swept through cities across the country. But the members of IBA’s Hot 100 list have turned these unprecedented challenges into amazing opportunities.

From young women of color making strides toward greater diversity and inclusion in the industry to C-suite executives with decades of experience launching new businesses and technology experts who are driving insurtech to new heights, this year’s Hot 100 honorees all have one thing in common: forward-thinking, can-do attitudes. With this year’s list, IBA celebrates the best and brightest the industry has to offer.

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