Denise Campbell, AIG

Denise Campbell, AIG

Client director and assistant vice president of national accounts
Years in the industry:

“In life, we all face moments when people intentionally or unintentionally hinder our growth,” says AIG’s Denise Campbell. “The problem is that with underrepresented groups, specifically cultural minorities, we normalize that hindrance and, as such, normalize the reality that we have to do more to get half as far as our white counterparts.”

To help overturn that idea, Campbell has taken an active role in several professional organizations. She sits on the board for The Water Street Club, is the president of NAAIA’s New York Tri-State chapter and is co-business advisor to the Black Professionals @AIG employee resource group. In each of these roles, Campbell strives to help Black professionals reach new heights and find new roads.

“Mentoring, sponsorship and coaching – the key to movement within this industry lies here,” she says. “These three roles will play an integral part in not only receiving the advice and getting the opportunities, but in being more prepared and comfortable to take on new challenges.” Other keys to increasing diversity, Campbell adds, include experiential training, intentional action, removal of obstacles and accountability at all levels of management.

“I don’t subscribe to ‘If you don’t like it, then leave,’” she says. “I believe that when you truly love something and see the potential in it, it’s up to you to never give up on it. We have an opportunity to grow this business beyond what we think imaginable. It is imperative we adopt a culture of inclusion because through diversity, we can combine perspectives for a better view of our world – not only for what it is, but for what it can be.”